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DSC auf Kurzwelle Testen

Bremen Rescue betreibt seit Anfang 2013 eine Sendestation auf Grenzwelle:
Auf der Sprechfunkfrequenz 2182kHz gibt es keine permanente Hörwache.
Man muß mit dem DSC Call anrufen.


Seit Oktober gibt es in Dover eine Küstenfunkstelle, Snargate Radio,
die automatisch auf einen DSC Testcall antwortet. Damit kann die gesamte Kette überprüft werden:
DSC Testcall > Transceiver > Hauptantenne >> Küstenstation >> DSC Antenne > DSC Watchreceiver  > Betätigung

HF DSC Test in Dover


Die US CoastGuard hat in 2013 die Hörwache auf Grenzwelle 2182kHz eingestellt und ist nur noch per DSC erreichbar. Auf 4 MHz gibt es einen automatischen DSC Testcall.



By Joy Hopkins, Business Development?

"The MCA just asked today whether Europe's only MFHF Test Facility, here at GMDSS Training in Dover, is operational, having been licenced as Europe's only MF/HF Coast Radio Station operational on all MF and HF Bands.

Oostende, Lisbon and Roma do offer HF services, but not on all Bands. Before satellite communication all long range communication was conducted on HF with CRSs located in all maritime countries.

Most have now ceased operation. Indeed the UK has no provision of any kind for shipping to make telephone, Telex, FAX or web-based commercial or private communication what so ever. Even satellite communication uses the Dutch Ground Earth Station in Burum.

Shipping is obliged to make live test calls weekly on MF or HF, but with few CRSs remaining we decided we would see if we could do the necessary. After many years of trying, OFCOM licenced us earlier this year and we will appear in the official ALRS Vol. 5 as SnargateRadio, callsign MNC, MMSI 002320204.

The hours of operation will be 0900 to 1700 weekdays with automatic responses to DSC test calls only. No provision has been licenced for R/T or data traffic -- but we are thinking about it for the future even though we think OFCOM will be very reluctant to even consider it.





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